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First Winter Storm

A couple of weeks ago we had the first major storm of the year here in Montrose. We got about a foot of snow, depending on where you were. It was gorgeous! I was moving that day, so I didn’t get a ton of pictures taken. I did get several that I really like. Now that we are all moved I should hopefully be getting back on top of this blogging thing. I have more pictures from the past couple of months that I need to post on here, so those should be coming up soon.

For now, here’s the storm! Enjoy!

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Sunset Walk at the Canal

Last night I decided to grab the kiddos and take a walk along the canal by my in-laws’ house just before sunset. They got to run, I got to take pictures. It was completely win/win!

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Mule Riding on the Plateau

I recently got the opportunity to do two of my favorite things in one day, thanks to one of my favorite customers from work. Horseback riding and taking pictures. Actually, we didn’t ride horses, we rode mules, but that’s just a technicality.

We went out on a four-hour-long mule ride on the Uncompahgre Plateau. We headed out with the intention of getting some wildlife pictures – however, the day was quite windy and a little on the chilly side – it seemed that the residents of the forest were fairly well hunkered down. It was still an amazing day, and I got a few pictures of the very gnarled aspen trees that we saw, among other forest-y things.

I rather like the way they turned out.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

In this week’s Photo Challenge we have been asked to share a silhouette – So I dug around a little and found a few of my favorites.

Casey Rhoten SilhouetteMy favorite dirt bike silhouette.

Blue Sky 2Not quite a true silhouette, but I still like it.

Eric 'Spike' Rhoten Over HeadAnother good almost-silhouette

A Vic Payne statue being assembled for display in my town. [He has made sculptures for places such as Cabela’s and has his work in several museums, as well]

Summer Culvert My daughter playing in a large culvert at a local recreation area.

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Lake City on the Bike

Well, it is official. I have now taken my first long trip on my husband’s Road Star. We took about a 6 hour ride yesterday, went over 200 miles, and I took 284 pictures along the way. Almost all of them were taken while driving down the road – anywhere from 10 to 70 mph.

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