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A Quick Trip to Ridgway

The family and I took a drive to Ridgway tonight to try to catch the sun setting off of the mountains. I didn’t get to the right spot in time to set up the shot that I wanted, but I didn’t come away with an empty camera.

The San Juan mountains with the leftover glow of sunset

Sunset San Juan Mountains Ridgway Colorado

A small herd of mule deer out for an early evening stroll – and pondering the photographer.

Mule deer Ridgway Colorado

Mule deer Ridgway Colorado

The cliff at the lookout point on Log Hill – you can see half of forever from up there on a clear day

Cliff Log Hill Ridgway Colorado

The full moon was enormous as it rose over the mountains

Full moon moonrise Ridgway Colorado

I just had to stop on the way home to capture this view of Ridgway Reservoir in the twilight.

Ridgway Reservior at dusk

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Mountain Views

Finally! I have been waiting for about 2 weeks now to be in the right place at the right time with the right lighting. This is a view of the San Juan mountains from above my in-laws’ house.  

San Juan mountains at sunset

It was a wonderful evening for pictures 🙂


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Creativity Challenge – Hope

This week brought another challenging creativity challenge to my lens. I spent a good part of the week thinking of ideas to portray ‘hope’. The planning didn’t happen as well as I had hoped, but I captured a few good shots despite my lack of planned and posed pictures. Here is this week’s dose of creativity!

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Blue Mesa…River?

Yesterday afternoon I took the 40 minute drive to Blue Mesa Lake. I had been hearing how low the water was, but hadn’t seen it myself. The water levels were amazingly low – lower than they’ve ever been since I’ve lived here. The lake was as gorgeous as ever, but not much of a lake.

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November Skies

November, so far, has been a good month for skies. Winter is coming upon us fast, which means a lack of motorsports events for me to follow. So I will be posting mostly nature and hopefully some more portraits, too.


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At Last the Rain Has Come!

After almost two months with no measurable precipitation western Colorado FINALLY got rain! Yesterday the skies opened up and we got about half an inch of rain in the first 30 minutes of downpour! It let up after that and continued raining fairly steadily until the late hours of the evening. The resulting rainbow and sunset were quite a nice surprise!


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2009 Maine Trip

Some of my favorite pictures from our last visit back to Maine (where I grew up). It’s a great place to go sometimes.

Can’t see the forest for the trees

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