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Mountain Views and Deer at Sunrise

Sunday morning was as Perfect as I’ve had in a long time. It started out at about 5:30am (which, for me, is not a good time of morning to wake up..), with myself preparing to go on a sunrise/foliage outing with some other local photographers. I guess I was the only one that remembered, since I sat alone in the dark, waiting. I was discouraged. I almost went back home and went to bed. I drove to Ridgway instead. That was an excellent decision. I sat at one of my favorite overlooks and I watched the sunrise reflect off of the mountains. It was silent. It was gorgeous – You missed out. Luckily for you, I also photographed it! 🙂 On the way back home I found several herds of Mule Deer. Of course, I stopped to take pictures of those, too.

I hope you enjoy my morning even a fraction as much as I did.

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A Quick Trip to Ridgway

The family and I took a drive to Ridgway tonight to try to catch the sun setting off of the mountains. I didn’t get to the right spot in time to set up the shot that I wanted, but I didn’t come away with an empty camera.

The San Juan mountains with the leftover glow of sunset

Sunset San Juan Mountains Ridgway Colorado

A small herd of mule deer out for an early evening stroll – and pondering the photographer.

Mule deer Ridgway Colorado

Mule deer Ridgway Colorado

The cliff at the lookout point on Log Hill – you can see half of forever from up there on a clear day

Cliff Log Hill Ridgway Colorado

The full moon was enormous as it rose over the mountains

Full moon moonrise Ridgway Colorado

I just had to stop on the way home to capture this view of Ridgway Reservoir in the twilight.

Ridgway Reservior at dusk

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Mud Fest 2013

This past weekend (April 26-28) was the second annual Ouray County Mud Fest in Ridgway, Colorado. It was a great weekend of spectacular, muddy fun! Like everyone else that was there, I am very glad that the Mud Fest has been made an annual event in Ridgway. All of the event coordinators, vendors, and sponsors did a wonderful job.

I was slightly disappointed in the fact that I only got to attend Sunday’s events, but even one day was well worth it. Just on Sunday there were side-by-side mud run finals, 4×4 finals and exhibition, and the truck pull – along with a bunch of family-friendly activities (even some that weren’t mud-related!).

Hopefully next year I’ll be able to make it out for the whole weekend, but here are my highlights from Sunday’s events.


If you want to see more truck (and tractor) pull pictures you might enjoy my post from the 2012 Montrose County Fair truck pull.

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Great Blue Heron Sighting

One of the biggest reasons I love going to the lake in the summer is the wildlife that presents itself from time to time. Yesterday I was lucky enough to see a great blue heron from about 30 feet away.

One (unfocused) shot after this he spread his great wings and soared away. He came back a couple of times, but decided that there were too many people on the beach for his liking and kept going.

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