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An Exciting Weekend

This weekend was absolutely great.

2am Saturday I headed toward Littleton, CO with the hubby and the oldest munchkin. At 8am we went into Roxborough State Park. Once we were there I headed off on a little adventure while they hung out and went on a walk.

In the park I met up with a group for a photo walk workshop. The group consisted of myself, 4 other photographers, and our leader, Colorado landscape photographer, John Fielder. Yup. (If you don’t know who that is, just do yourself a favor and hit up Google image search right now – then you can finish reading this) The five of us that were there were winners in a photography contest put on by Denver radio station KOSI101. We went on a 3 hour walk around one of the trails in the park and got some great advice, great ideas, great tips, and of course great pictures. It was an amazing experience!

After my photography outing I met back up with the family and we headed into Denver to the Downtown Aquarium. The big munchkin hadn’t been there before and she absolutely loved it – especially the sharks and the tiger.

I haven’t had a chance to process all of my pictures just yet, but here is a little taste.



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Creativity Challenge – Playgrounds

Welcome to this week’s creativity challenge! This was one of the most fun challenges this year. My kids particularly liked this one, since it meant that Mommy had to drag them (kicking and screaming, of course!) to the parks and playgrounds in town. I was very happy that this week brought slightly warmer weather, so we had a little extra play time while we were out. Here are the results from this week’s challenge and adventures!


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