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Lightning Storm

Tonight was an amazing lightning storm around town. Naturally I got out my camera and went for a little drive. Naturally, as well, the lightning portion of the storm peaked just as I was in the car driving to my favorite overlook. I managed to expose a few frames before the downpour and hail started. Back at home I went out to the back field to see if I could catch some more lightning before the storm rolled out of town. I didn’t capture very much lightning, but the storm was really cool anyway.


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Creativity Challenge: Bokeh

Okay, so I am very late with this past week’s creativity challenge post, and with good reason – I was just not feeling it. I couldn’t seem to find the right conditions for my pictures. Not really a good reason, but that’s my reason. I may actually come back to this challenge when I can get out and find some good shots.

Bokeh is unfocused background light – very beautiful when captured in the right way.For now, here are the couple of pictures that I did get this week.



And one more that I took this past winter that I really like.


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Creativity Challenge – Nighttime Flashlight Fun

Okay, so this ‘challenge’ was Really fun! I’ve been meaning to get out with a flashlight at night for a while now. I have a lockable remote switch now, so I can do blub exposures without having to stand there with my finger on the shutter button. All of these pictures were made using one small LED flashlight. The red light that you see is simply my finger over the end of the light.

I can’t wait to do this again… soon!

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Oh, Christmas Tree! (part 1)

It is becoming an annual tradition of mine to take pictures of the city Christmas tree. Last year I snapped a good one of the moon over the lit-up tree and it got a big reaction in the ‘community’ section of the local paper. This year I wanted to recreate the shot with my new-and-improved camera. In doing so I got a couple other photos that I actually like more than this year’s ‘full moon topper’ pictures. I intend to get a little different shot later this month, which I shall post [here] when I do.

I leave these for your consideration.

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Lightning, Finally!

A few years ago I got the chance to photograph my very first lightning storm. Not my first time seeing one, of course, but the first time I had a camera capable of taking pictures of such an event. I was happy with the results, for a first try. My old camera didn’t have manual focus and the auto-focus didn’t particularly like focusing at night. So I ended up with a few cool pictures and several more that would have been cool if they had been anywhere close to focused.

Enter: New Camera! Since I got my new T2i back in June, I have been waiting for a good storm to come up at night so I could try my hand at lightning pictures again. Friday night was just such a night! The spot I picked was a little more lit up than it should have been and I learned a few other little things for next time, but all in all I’m pretty stoked that I got to go out lightning shooting again!

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