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Creativity Challenge – Long Daytime Exposures

For this week’s creativity challenge, I tackled the premise of using long exposures in the daytime. I broke one of the cardinal rules of photography that begs you to use a tripod for any shutter speed less than 1/nth of a second, where ‘n’ is your focal length. I was shooting much longer than the 1/50 – 1/250th that I should have been hand holding at, but alas, I forgot my tripod at home and therefore…. I didn’t use it! (funny how that works! haha) Here are my selections for the ‘long daytime exposure’ creativity challenge!

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Grand Mesa on the Bike

Today the Hubby and I went out for another little adventure on the RoadStar. We headed to the Grand Mesa, another of the fairly local really cool places that I had never been before. It’s really nice up there and being on the bike was all the better – sun streaming down, cool mountain air wisping up under your helmet, and a full view of all the amazing surrounding that you pass – you really can’t beat it.

The only downside of the day was after we got home and I was looking through all the pictures (I took about 150 today). I realized that the image stabilizer switch on my lens had been off the entire time… so some of the pictures didn’t come out as clear as they otherwise would have been. All in all, I still got some pictures that I think turned out really well.

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Lake City on the Bike

Well, it is official. I have now taken my first long trip on my husband’s Road Star. We took about a 6 hour ride yesterday, went over 200 miles, and I took 284 pictures along the way. Almost all of them were taken while driving down the road – anywhere from 10 to 70 mph.

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