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Creativity Challenge – Abstract Macro

Ah, the world of macro! This week for the creativity challenge I took some time to explore the slightly more abstract side of macro photography. Here is what I came up with for this week’s creativity post.


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Newest Photo Project

Earlier this week I decided to take on a photography project for work.

Our customer bathroom is quite plain and drab, so I’ve been thinking for quite a while that I should put some of my pictures up in there. Well, on Tuesday I came up with a better idea. I’ve started making a collection of hardware pictures. I’m really excited about it (as probably only someone with my immense hardware background could be.. haha) and I’ve gotten some really good results from the few shoots I’ve done so far.


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Somebody Has A New Macro Lens!

Ok, so for a couple of weeks now I have been looking at pictures taken with converted macro lenses. These are not just regular off the shelf macro lenses, these are converted 35-80mm lenses. As it turns out if you simply take out the front group of elements the lens suddenly becomes a ridiculously close macro lens. And I do mean RIDICULOUSLY close.

Here is the full frame version of the first shot that I took with this lens
(hand held, not the best light, suffering slightly from camera shake)

35-80mm Super Macro

And here is the 100% crop (click for full size image).

35-80mm Super Macro 100% Crop

I am LOVING this new lens 🙂

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Patient Dragonfly

As I was walking across the front of my house yesterday afternoon I saw a dragonfly ambling along amongst the roses. He (or she?) paused on a blossom and didn’t show signs of flitting right off again. Perfect photo opportunity. Naturally, I had left my camera on the kitchen counter. I sneaked into the house and hurried back, lest Mr Dragonfly decide he’d rested enough. I walked up carefully to the spot where he’d been – and he hadn’t moved at all!

I clicked a couple of ‘safe’ shots before I got too close, just in case I scared him away.

Red Dragonfly 1

As I got a little closer I was sure he was going to fly off, but no, he didn’t move at all, not even the tiniest wing flutter. This was One Tired Dragonfly!

Red Dragonfly 2

After I realized this guy wasn’t going anywhere I decided to get as close as I could. Here are the results:

Red Dragonfly 3

Red Dragonfly 5

Red Dragonfly 4

I was excited about how perfectly clear the last one came out. Especially once I zoomed in on it.Red Dragonfly Close

My only slight regret was that I wasn’t shooting in RAW mode. I’ve been switching back and forth lately to weigh the advantages of the RAW format versus the time and hassle of converting over every image once it’s on the computer. That, however is a topic for another post entirely.

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