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It’s Website Time!!

It’s official! After a couple of years of knowing that I should set up an actual website for my photography, I have finally done it. is up and running. It’s still in the baby stages right now, as I add photo galleries from this year’s events and fine-tune exactly how I’m going to run the site on a day-to-day basis. I would love to have you stop by and see what I have done so far. Hopefully this will be a next step towards my world-wide takeover of the motorsports world!

And here’s a photo that I took last night of the amazing lightning storm that we were having 🙂

Canal Lightning

Lightning over the Selig Canal

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Creativity Challenge – Long Daytime Exposures

For this week’s creativity challenge, I tackled the premise of using long exposures in the daytime. I broke one of the cardinal rules of photography that begs you to use a tripod for any shutter speed less than 1/nth of a second, where ‘n’ is your focal length. I was shooting much longer than the 1/50 – 1/250th that I should have been hand holding at, but alas, I forgot my tripod at home and therefore…. I didn’t use it! (funny how that works! haha) Here are my selections for the ‘long daytime exposure’ creativity challenge!

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Fun With Exposure

Yesterday I decided to switch from manual mode to AV mode on my camera. [what does that MEAN??? – I set the aperture and everything else, the camera picks the shutter speed for the correct exposure] I was shooting inside with flash, but evidently my camera still didn’t feel it had enough light to make a normal exposure, instead it decided to put the shutter speed right around a second. Well, this would be okay for still pictures from a tripod, but I was trying to photograph crawling baby… needless to say, no tripod. The picture I ended up with was super blurry but, amazingly, there was enough light from the flash to freeze said crawling baby in the image. I got what looked like a good, old fashioned double-exposure.

So of course I switched back to manual mode to try to recreate a better version of this effect- first with the baby, and then messing around taking pictures of myself. Here are a few of the results.

Ivy Blurry Long Exposure

Long Exposure 1

Long Exposure 2

Long Exposure 3

So that was the camera fun from yesterday. I will surely be needing to experiment with this again soon.

Have you ever played with exposure effects? If not (and you have a dSLR) you really should.

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