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Mountain Views and Deer at Sunrise

Sunday morning was as Perfect as I’ve had in a long time. It started out at about 5:30am (which, for me, is not a good time of morning to wake up..), with myself preparing to go on a sunrise/foliage outing with some other local photographers. I guess I was the only one that remembered, since I sat alone in the dark, waiting. I was discouraged. I almost went back home and went to bed. I drove to Ridgway instead. That was an excellent decision. I sat at one of my favorite overlooks and I watched the sunrise reflect off of the mountains. It was silent. It was gorgeous – You missed out. Luckily for you, I also photographed it! 🙂 On the way back home I found several herds of Mule Deer. Of course, I stopped to take pictures of those, too.

I hope you enjoy my morning even a fraction as much as I did.

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Creativity Challenge – Shadows

Shadows. Shadows are everywhere in our world. Without shadows there would be no photography. Well, there probably would still be photography, but it would be very dull and flat. That is what this week’s creativity challenge is all about. Here are some of the shadows that I saw this week.


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Creativity Challenge: Bokeh

Okay, so I am very late with this past week’s creativity challenge post, and with good reason – I was just not feeling it. I couldn’t seem to find the right conditions for my pictures. Not really a good reason, but that’s my reason. I may actually come back to this challenge when I can get out and find some good shots.

Bokeh is unfocused background light – very beautiful when captured in the right way.For now, here are the couple of pictures that I did get this week.



And one more that I took this past winter that I really like.


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Weekly Wackiness – Out of Focus

I came across a blog last week – – that has a lot of cool tips and tricks and things about photography. They also have a weekly photo submission ‘thing’ called the Weekly Wackiness Experiment. I was waiting for them to post what this week’s rules were when I realized they have a different main blog – – And there I found this week’s rules. Out of focus! So I set my mind to coming up with an ‘out of focus’ idea. I tried a few things before I went back to one of the things I love to take random pictures of – Light! It took a grand total of 4 tries before I got this shot that I kind of Love! So here’s my submission for this week’s #Weekly Wackiness !!

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