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A Quick Trip to Ridgway

The family and I took a drive to Ridgway tonight to try to catch the sun setting off of the mountains. I didn’t get to the right spot in time to set up the shot that I wanted, but I didn’t come away with an empty camera.

The San Juan mountains with the leftover glow of sunset

Sunset San Juan Mountains Ridgway Colorado

A small herd of mule deer out for an early evening stroll – and pondering the photographer.

Mule deer Ridgway Colorado

Mule deer Ridgway Colorado

The cliff at the lookout point on Log Hill – you can see half of forever from up there on a clear day

Cliff Log Hill Ridgway Colorado

The full moon was enormous as it rose over the mountains

Full moon moonrise Ridgway Colorado

I just had to stop on the way home to capture this view of Ridgway Reservoir in the twilight.

Ridgway Reservior at dusk

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Blue Mesa…River?

Yesterday afternoon I took the 40 minute drive to Blue Mesa Lake. I had been hearing how low the water was, but hadn’t seen it myself. The water levels were amazingly low – lower than they’ve ever been since I’ve lived here. The lake was as gorgeous as ever, but not much of a lake.

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Lake City on the Bike

Well, it is official. I have now taken my first long trip on my husband’s Road Star. We took about a 6 hour ride yesterday, went over 200 miles, and I took 284 pictures along the way. Almost all of them were taken while driving down the road – anywhere from 10 to 70 mph.

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Great Blue Heron Sighting

One of the biggest reasons I love going to the lake in the summer is the wildlife that presents itself from time to time. Yesterday I was lucky enough to see a great blue heron from about 30 feet away.

One (unfocused) shot after this he spread his great wings and soared away. He came back a couple of times, but decided that there were too many people on the beach for his liking and kept going.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

As I’ve been looking around on WordPress lately I’ve come across the Weekly Photo Challenge from and this week happens to be one of my favorite subjects – Summer! They have a different unique theme every week and it seems like a fun thing to do, so I’m officially on board!

Nothing says ‘Summer’ to me like blue skies, a cool lake and my boat (and of course, my family)! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Now to see what next week’s theme will be 🙂

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Weird and Abstract

Every once in a while I find myself taking pictures of really random things. Sometimes this turns out quite well.

Old car from the bottom of a lake

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2009 Maine Trip

Some of my favorite pictures from our last visit back to Maine (where I grew up). It’s a great place to go sometimes.

Can’t see the forest for the trees

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