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Out and About

I went out wandering on Thursday with the kiddos. We went to a little garden by the river and to the duck pond at the park. It was a pretty great day, with some pretty great pictures, too!

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Birds of a Feather…?

I have been absolutely horrible about posting for the past two weeks! The last two creativity challenges had me just downright stumped. I got so caught up on the fact that I hadn’t done the challenge that I didn’t take the time to post anything else. So here is a little peek at an hour or so of last Saturday’s after-work wanderings.

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Creativity Challenge – Playgrounds

Welcome to this week’s creativity challenge! This was one of the most fun challenges this year. My kids particularly liked this one, since it meant that Mommy had to drag them (kicking and screaming, of course!) to the parks and playgrounds in town. I was very happy that this week brought slightly warmer weather, so we had a little extra play time while we were out. Here are the results from this week’s challenge and adventures!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I’m a bit late with the weekly challenge again.. but that’s how my world works haha
When I’m out taking pictures I often find myself fixating on solitary things – objects, buildings, animals, flowers – I like the look of things that stand alone. Here are a few of my favorites.

Pink Helmet on Road

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Duck Pond Visit

The girls and I went to the ‘Duck Pond Park’ yesterday afternoon. We got to get up close and personal with a couple of the pond residents before we headed over to the playground. It was fun!

Very outgoing goose stepping right up to take some bread. Also – Juvenile Canadian Geese in the background

Miss Summer was very happy that the ducks and geese were so friendly today.

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A Few Random Animal Pictures

‘Ninja Goose’

Sunny – another muse.

Life at the dairy

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