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Out and About

I went out wandering on Thursday with the kiddos. We went to a little garden by the river and to the duck pond at the park. It was a pretty great day, with some pretty great pictures, too!

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Creativity Challenge – Grave Yards

So for this week’s Creativity Challenge I went around to a few of the local cemeteries. Okay, I only got pictures from two, but I drove to 3 others, 2 were fenced off and Right next to people’s houses (creepy….) and one was really old and I couldn’t find it (big bummer on that one..). I really like cemeteries – the quiet, the peace, the appreciation for still being on the upper side of the dirt. The second of the two cemeteries that I visited this week (Grand View Cemetery) happens to be one of The most beautiful places in my town, not to mention cemeteries as a whole.

It really makes you think when you’re wandering around looking at headstones… especially when you read the ones with very long and very short life spans.

That being said, here is this week’s Creativity Challenge.


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Creativity Challenge – Hope

This week brought another challenging creativity challenge to my lens. I spent a good part of the week thinking of ideas to portray ‘hope’. The planning didn’t happen as well as I had hoped, but I captured a few good shots despite my lack of planned and posed pictures. Here is this week’s dose of creativity!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I’m a bit late with the weekly challenge again.. but that’s how my world works haha
When I’m out taking pictures I often find myself fixating on solitary things – objects, buildings, animals, flowers – I like the look of things that stand alone. Here are a few of my favorites.

Pink Helmet on Road

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Flowers and Agriculture

Adjacent to my late excitement about the coming events that I’m photographing I have been taking a lot of nature pictures again. The agricultural side of this little valley (and all other places) has a permanent place in my heart, and also my artistic eye. I’m thinking of trying to put together an agriculture calendar (through the extension office, perhaps?) I have several shots that I really like that are directly ag-related.

Your thoughts?

Irrigation Canal

Russian Sage

Hay Field Bales

Shallow Root

Close White Rose


White Rose Dew

Delicate drops from a night’s rainfall cling to the rose


Day Lily

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Latest Flowers and Landscapes

My photography has been pretty random in this past week or so since the fair got done. A fair amount has been nature and landscape shots. I post for you now, a few that I really like. I hope you do too. Enjoy!

This shot is one of my favorites…

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The New Camera Is Here!

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and bought my new Canon T2i! I’m still figuring it all out and playing with the settings and such quite a bit, but so far I LOVE it! I have a feeling I’m going to be Very happy with this purchase!
Here are a couple of the first pictures I’ve taken with it.

Evidently the aperture is quite a bit more sensitive on this camera than on my PowerShot – so the only part really in focus ended up being the depressed center of the flower.

A little better command of the aperture settings for this shot.

…And one of my super floppy dog, just for fun!

And next time I’m going to remember to shrink the pictures down a bit before I upload them.. So it doesn’t take a day to load the full-size image when you click on it! haha

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This week the theme is today. Therefore I will share with you some of my ‘today’.

Today was the first day this year that I got to see blossoms on the catalpa trees. They were absolutely buzzing with bees!

I took a walk with my older munchkin and found some awesome flowers. I’m pretty sure this is some type of milkweed.

Then, on the way home, the moon did this.

Today was pretty great!

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