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Montrose Mud Moto Mayhem

This weekend was the first Montrose EnduroCross race of the year. I got to go and take photos again. It was a terrible, rainy, muddy, sloppy, gross mess. And I loved it! šŸ™‚ The racing was great, although a little slower and rougher than normal. Fantastic day of racing!

Find the full set on my Facebook Page.

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In the Garage

Last weekend I tagged along with Hubby while he went down to the shop to work on our four wheeler. Naturally I had my camera with me and naturally I got a bit distracted…


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Grand Junction SX

Last weekend was the (mostly) annual Grand Junction SuperCross. I had an awesome time doing pictures and running into some friends that I hadn’t seen for a while. There were a bunch of really close and exciting races. The track got pretty dusty in the last couple of races, which made for some tough shooting conditions, and some tough riding conditions. Here are my favorite shots from the evening’s races.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

In this week’s Photo Challenge we have been asked to share a silhouette – So I dug around a little and found a few of my favorites.

Casey Rhoten SilhouetteMy favorite dirt bike silhouette.

Blue Sky 2Not quite a true silhouette, but I still like it.

Eric 'Spike' Rhoten Over HeadAnother good almost-silhouette

A Vic Payne statue being assembled for display in my town. [He has made sculptures for places such as Cabela’s and has his work in several museums, as well]

Summer Culvert My daughter playing in a large culvert at a local recreation area.

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Dirt Bike Jumping – 2006

There has been talk lately from some of the local dirt bikers about getting out the ramps and setting up another jump session. I’m really excited about getting to shoot some real dirt bike action again.

All this talk has gotten me thinking about the last jump event that we did back in 2006. I shot it with my Minolta Maxxis3 35mm camera. I realized tonight that I had neglected to post those pictures on here. So I’m correcting that.


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Of Camping and Frisbee

Last weekend was the big annual dirtbiking/camping/hanging out event for our little family and about 150 of our closest friends. Okay, not really just OUR friends, but pretty much everyone involved with dirtbikes and such here in Montrose. It’s always a great time and it’s one of my favorite events of the year. It is known to all as Fat Fred’s – bikes, quads, dogs, and kids spread all over the plateau and visiting with everyone you haven’t seen in months and those you see every day.

Naturally I had my camera in tow and had a lot of pictures to download when the weekend was over. Here are some of my favorites.

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Soon there will be action!

Action pictures, that is! I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t been posting as often as I would like. I’ve also been a bad photographer and have not been shooting as much as I would like, especially action photos, which are the field that I really want to pursue. Well, in the next two weeks there will be no less than two action events that I will be going to and photographing.

Tuesday, August 21, the USA Pro Cycling ChallengeĀ  will be coming here to beautiful Montrose, Colorado to start leg number two of the race series. 16 of the top cycling teams in the world will be racing nearly 100 miles to Crested Butte. I have my spots all picked out and, with some very careful planning on my part, I will get to be there for a portion of the ‘parade lap’ that they are running just prior to the start of the race AND another portion of the race that runs through a spectacularly scenic stretch of road. I’m Excited!

The other ‘big event’ is our annual dirtbikers’ camping extravaganza on Labor Day weekend. There will be lots and lots of dirtbiking and other miscellaneous activities over the weekend and I actually managed to get Labor Day off this year, so I will be there to witness more of it than I have gotten to in a few years.

So be on the lookout for more fun and exciting SuzyTBo pictures flooding your reader feed (because you’re following already, right?!?)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

This week’s photo challenge is all about movement. How you see it, how you portray it, how you capture it.
One of my absolute favorite things to capture is movement. It’s challenging to show it without too much blur, and always a thrill when you get that amazing shot that shows it perfectly.
I like to let the movement in my pictures speak for itself. Flying dirt, a trail of dust, a blurred foreground.
Here are a few of my favorite ‘movement’ shots that I’ve captured so far

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