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Spring is Here!

It is finally that time of year! The snow is gone from the valley, we’ve had multiple days in the 60’s, and everything is coming into life and leaf. That’s right, we have spring here in our little corner of the world.





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Creativity Challenge – Natural Formations

Alas, I have not forgotten about this week’s creativity challenge! I didn’t get out and shoot for this one like I wanted to, but I have some shots to share with you anyhow, some old, some new. Without any further ado: Natural Formations.

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November Skies

November, so far, has been a good month for skies. Winter is coming upon us fast, which means a lack of motorsports events for me to follow. So I will be posting mostly nature and hopefully some more portraits, too.


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A Day With Clouds

After the little munchkin and I picked the big munchkin up from school we grabbed some lunch and headed out to Peach Valley to burn off some energy. Today found itself to be sunny and perfectly touched by clouds.

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Lightning, Finally!

A few years ago I got the chance to photograph my very first lightning storm. Not my first time seeing one, of course, but the first time I had a camera capable of taking pictures of such an event. I was happy with the results, for a first try. My old camera didn’t have manual focus and the auto-focus didn’t particularly like focusing at night. So I ended up with a few cool pictures and several more that would have been cool if they had been anywhere close to focused.

Enter: New Camera! Since I got my new T2i back in June, I have been waiting for a good storm to come up at night so I could try my hand at lightning pictures again. Friday night was just such a night! The spot I picked was a little more lit up than it should have been and I learned a few other little things for next time, but all in all I’m pretty stoked that I got to go out lightning shooting again!

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At Last the Rain Has Come!

After almost two months with no measurable precipitation western Colorado FINALLY got rain! Yesterday the skies opened up and we got about half an inch of rain in the first 30 minutes of downpour! It let up after that and continued raining fairly steadily until the late hours of the evening. The resulting rainbow and sunset were quite a nice surprise!


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