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Sunset Walk at the Canal

Last night I decided to grab the kiddos and take a walk along the canal by my in-laws’ house just before sunset. They got to run, I got to take pictures. It was completely win/win!

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Creativity Challenge – Bridges

This week has been the busiest so far this spring. With Black Canyon Trips, Mud Fest (preview pics coming soon, I promise!), and quite a bit of work around home I’ve been letting the photo editing progress slip away. I’m getting back with it now, so I give to you this week’s creativity challenge: Bridges.

The big ones get all the glory, but the small and simple ones are often just as beautiful, if not more-so for their charm. It’s amazing how many bridges there are when you start looking around. It’s also amazing how many beautiful bridges (and other places) we drive past every single day without actually looking at them. Here’s to the bridges, the most common roadway feature that we continually ignore.

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Riding around in Cars

There is a lot to be said for taking some time to just drive around. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do. On a nice day I’ll pack some lunch, pack up the kids and take off in a direction. It almost always takes me somewhere beautiful (or at the very least, interesting) that I haven’t been before. Or somewhere that I love to go.
Some days it’s a grand, fun adventure. Some days, especially when the older munchkin gets tired or bored, it is a test of my patience to see how many times she will say ‘You’re being a photographer – I wish you would just be my Mommy’ [every single time I stop to take a picture] before I give up and we go home. Today was one of those days. Lucky for me, Hubby also had the day off, so after hanging out at the in-laws’ for a while we left the kids with Grammy and I got to finish my photo drive.

I’m very happy that I got to.

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Flowers and Agriculture

Adjacent to my late excitement about the coming events that I’m photographing I have been taking a lot of nature pictures again. The agricultural side of this little valley (and all other places) has a permanent place in my heart, and also my artistic eye. I’m thinking of trying to put together an agriculture calendar (through the extension office, perhaps?) I have several shots that I really like that are directly ag-related.

Your thoughts?

Irrigation Canal

Russian Sage

Hay Field Bales

Shallow Root

Close White Rose


White Rose Dew

Delicate drops from a night’s rainfall cling to the rose


Day Lily

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Latest Flowers and Landscapes

My photography has been pretty random in this past week or so since the fair got done. A fair amount has been nature and landscape shots. I post for you now, a few that I really like. I hope you do too. Enjoy!

This shot is one of my favorites…

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