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On Monday a friend told me about a bald eagle he’d seen scavenging an elk carcass out west of town. Wednesday, when I finally had a chance to go out for a photo session, I went to see if said eagle was still hanging around. He was. It turns out he was eating a sheep, not an elk. Fitting, since the field he was in has a flock in it almost constantly.
I got a few good shots in before he retreated to a high branch with Mrs. Eagle.




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Back to the (horse) Races Again

It’s summer again here on the Western Slope of Colorado and that means that it is once again time for the Black Canyon Horse Racing Association race meets! The local horse races are among my favorite summertime activities; they are cheap, family-friendly, fun, and most of all they are great opportunities for me to get my camera out and do what I do.

Although I couldn’t make it outfor Saturday, I did get to go out and enjoy all of Sunday’s races. Here are the highlights!


If you’re still looking for more awesome Black Canyon Horse Racing Association race meet photos you might want to check out my posts from last year’s races. June 2012 and September 2012. I also have pictures from the race meet at the 2012 Montrose County Fair & Rodeo, along with shots from the fair parade and the rodeo.

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Horse Races – Volume 2

Another lovely Sunday afternoon spent with my camera and my oldest munchkin at the county fairgrounds watching horse racing. It was a GORGEOUS day – perfectly sunny and probably 80-85­­°f.

The only thing missing was my new class 10 SD card, which should be in my mailbox in the next 2 days or so. I’m running a class 4 right now, so I have no HD video capabilities and I can only take 4-5 exposures at a time in RAW burst mode. So I rolled in JPEG all day, but the light was great and my settings were spot on, so I’m SUPER happy with what turned out. Take a look at some of the highlights from this wonderful day.


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The New Camera Is Here!

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and bought my new Canon T2i! I’m still figuring it all out and playing with the settings and such quite a bit, but so far I LOVE it! I have a feeling I’m going to be Very happy with this purchase!
Here are a couple of the first pictures I’ve taken with it.

Evidently the aperture is quite a bit more sensitive on this camera than on my PowerShot – so the only part really in focus ended up being the depressed center of the flower.

A little better command of the aperture settings for this shot.

…And one of my super floppy dog, just for fun!

And next time I’m going to remember to shrink the pictures down a bit before I upload them.. So it doesn’t take a day to load the full-size image when you click on it! haha

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Horse Races

Today was a wonderful day at the horse races with my girls and my niece. Great fun was had by all, and I managed to get a few good pictures, too!

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Turtle At Large

Today while hunting grasshoppers with my oldest daughter we decided to let the turtles out into the yard for a little stroll. The male, Luke, didn’t cooperate with pictures, as he always manages to bury himself in the first pile of grass or leaves that he finds. The female, Leia, is always a little more adventurous – and visible.

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Great Blue Heron Sighting

One of the biggest reasons I love going to the lake in the summer is the wildlife that presents itself from time to time. Yesterday I was lucky enough to see a great blue heron from about 30 feet away.

One (unfocused) shot after this he spread his great wings and soared away. He came back a couple of times, but decided that there were too many people on the beach for his liking and kept going.

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A Few Random Animal Pictures

‘Ninja Goose’

Sunny – another muse.

Life at the dairy

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Some Old Favorites.

And I do mean Old! These ones are all from my high school years and back.

All of these were shot with a Kodak Advantix point-and-shoot camera.

Petra – A Norwegian Fjord that I helped train

Playing tag

Horse pasture

My favorite cat Fluffy

Snowmobile trail after a storm

A very rare still-life picture


Truly rustic fence posts

A friendly game of basketball at camp

The cross at the WTC site

Just a cathedral light..

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