It’s Website Time!!

It’s official! After a couple of years of knowing that I should set up an actual website for my photography, I have finally done it. is up and running. It’s still in the baby stages right now, as I add photo galleries from this year’s events and fine-tune exactly how I’m going to run the site on a day-to-day basis. I would love to have you stop by and see what I have done so far. Hopefully this will be a next step towards my world-wide takeover of the motorsports world!

And here’s a photo that I took last night of the amazing lightning storm that we were having šŸ™‚

Canal Lightning

Lightning over the Selig Canal

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Out and About

I went out wandering on Thursday with the kiddos. We went to a little garden by the river and to the duck pond at the park. It was a pretty great day, with some pretty great pictures, too!

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Spring Blossoms

This has been quite the week for flowers here in the Grand Valley. Montrose has been abloom with white and purple and red. Iā€™m loving the spring season so far!



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Spring is Here!

It is finally that time of year! The snow is gone from the valley, we’ve had multiple days in the 60’s, and everything is coming into life and leaf. That’s right, we have spring here in our little corner of the world.





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Discovering the Boardwalk

This past week I decided to take a little stroll down by the river while waiting to pick up my older daughter from school. I new of a little spot with a path that goes down to the edge of the river. I didn’t know, however that there is and amazingly gorgeous boardwalk that goes almost all the way there. I can’t wait to go wander around again when things really start greening up this spring!

Uncompahgre river boardwalk

Irrigation waterfall

Uncompahgre river boardwalk

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On Monday a friend told me about a bald eagle he’d seen scavenging an elk carcass out west of town. Wednesday, when I finally had a chance to go out for a photo session, I went to see if said eagle was still hanging around. He was. It turns out he was eating a sheep, not an elk. Fitting, since the field he was in has a flock in it almost constantly.
I got a few good shots in before he retreated to a high branch with Mrs. Eagle.




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My Newest Toy

I got an awesome new toy for Christmas this year! My awesome husband bought me a Tamron a20 lens. It’s a 28-300mm f/3.5, in case you didn’t know. If you don’t know what that means, it goes from pretty wide angle to really powerful zoom. If you Still don’t know what that means, it’s an awesome camera lens.
I took it out for a little test run on a car ride to Grand Junction last weekend. The lens did really well – I need to get some more quick-zoom practice with it before XGames in a couple of weeks. Here are some of my shots from my practice run.


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First Winter Storm

A couple of weeks ago we had the first major storm of the year here in Montrose. We got about a foot of snow, depending on where you were. It was gorgeous! I was moving that day, so I didn’t get a ton of pictures taken. I did get several that I really like. Now that we are all moved I should hopefully be getting back on top of this blogging thing. I have more pictures from the past couple of months that I need to post on here, so those should be coming up soon.

For now, here’s the storm! Enjoy!

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The Early Birds

This weekend we stayed up at our camper. My favorite part is that our bedroom window faces east, so the rising sun shines through. Sunday morning I woke up bright and early with the time change. I looked out the side window and happened to see a bird sitting up on the weather vane on top of the shop. I believe it was a starling. More of them came and went in the first minutes of daylight. It was gorgeous.




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An Exciting Weekend

This weekend was absolutely great.

2am Saturday I headed toward Littleton, CO with the hubby and the oldest munchkin. At 8am we went into Roxborough State Park. Once we were there I headed off on a little adventure while they hung out and went on a walk.

In the park I met up with a group for a photo walk workshop. The group consisted of myself, 4 other photographers, and our leader, Colorado landscape photographer, John Fielder. Yup. (If you don’t know who that is, just do yourself a favor and hit up Google image search right now – then you can finish reading this) The five of us that were there were winners in a photography contest put on by Denver radio station KOSI101. We went on a 3 hour walk around one of the trails in the park and got some great advice, great ideas, great tips, and of course great pictures. It was an amazing experience!

After my photography outing I met back up with the family and we headed into Denver to the Downtown Aquarium. The big munchkin hadn’t been there before and she absolutely loved it – especially the sharks and the tiger.

I haven’t had a chance to process all of my pictures just yet, but here is a little taste.



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