Enjoying Montrose

Just about 7 1/2 years ago my husband and I made a huge change in our lives – we moved from the grand state of Maine, all the way across the country, to beautiful Colorado. Until shortly before that time I had thought that I would live my whole life in Maine. The thought of moving away from everything I knew and everyone I loved – that thought was beyond my realm of possibilities. There have been very few moments in the span of time since then that I have thought about whether I would ever want to move back to Maine. Most of my family is still there, and all the friends I grew up with, but my heart is in Colorado now; not just because my husband and my kids are here, but also because within 20 minutes of my house is this:

Don’t get me wrong, Maine is a beautiful place with all the trees and streams and lakes and the ocean, things that I will vastly enjoy photographing again when I go back to visit this summer, but this – this majestic place – is where my heart lives now.

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2 thoughts on “Enjoying Montrose

  1. So beautiful, thanks or sharing! 🙂

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