Another Year of Photography

This past year I made a list of goals for advancing my photography; both my skills and my career. I have accomplished almost everything that I set out for year one- and then some. I made every major event that I wanted to shoot, did a few photo day-trips, I got my camera (much earlier than expected), I shot my first (two!) paid sessions, and revised and expanded my portfolio.

This next year I am going to do a goal list again, but even bigger and better, and more tuned into my career goals. Here is my photography goal list for 2013:

  • Shoot at least 3 dirt bike / car races
  • Shoot at least 3 team/individual sporting events
  • Submit entries to at least 3 photography competitions
  • Take at least 4 photography trips outside of local area
  • Complete a creative photography challenge every week (more on this below)
  • Blog at least once a week (in addition to the challenge)
  • Search out and shoot hidden portrait locations in town
  • Acquire an external flash unit
  • Become more proficient with external flash, reflectors, and back-lighting portraits
  • Take at least one photography class or seminar

Starting on the first week of January I will be taking part in my own creative photography challenge every week. I (along with some help from my co-workers) came up with 52 challenges to keep my creative juices flowing and sharpen my skills. I randomly re-ordered the challenges, and that is the order in which I will be completing them. The challenges, by week, are as follows:

  1. Green
  2. Emblems
  3. Pets’ Eye View
  4. From the Hip/ No Viewfinder
  5. Night Spotting/ Flashlight
  6. Circles
  7. Emotion – Hope
  8. Squares
  9. Playgrounds
  10. Rust
  11. Bokeh/ Light Streams
  12. Long Exposure – Daylight
  13. Fashion
  14. Emotion – Sadness
  15. Sculptures
  16. Pattern/ Repitition
  17. Bridges
  18. Natural Formations
  19. Converging Shapes/ POV Difference
  20. Tilt-Shift Setups (and edits)
  21. Animal Portraits
  22. Orange
  23. Grave Yards
  24. Shadows
  25. Abstract/ SuperMacro
  26. Star Trails
  27. High Places
  28. Abandoned Spaces
  29. Self Portrait
  30. Macro
  31. Waterfalls
  32. Curves
  33. Farm Equipment
  34. 1-10 (shooting multiples)
  35. Threes
  36. B&W/ High Contrast
  37. Blue
  38. 100 Paces (walk 100 paces – shoot what’s there)
  39. Urban
  40. Faces in Nature
  41. Emotion – Confusion
  42. Yellow
  43. Alphabet Shoot
  44. Lines of Convergence/ Vanishing Point
  45. Reflections
  46. Emotion – Joy
  47. Red
  48. Food
  49. Light Painting
  50. Purple
  51. Technology
  52. Panning

I think I will denote my challenges as #CreativityChallenge. If anyone feels like joining me on my little creative journey, or just following along, that will be the tag that I’ll use, and you can, too.

[I will also be making a blog page on which to put the challenge list and the links to all the corresponding posts.]

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