Oh, Christmas Tree! (part 1)

It is becoming an annual tradition of mine to take pictures of the city Christmas tree. Last year I snapped a good one of the moon over the lit-up tree and it got a big reaction in the ‘community’ section of the local paper. This year I wanted to recreate the shot with my new-and-improved camera. In doing so I got a couple other photos that I actually like more than this year’s ‘full moon topper’ pictures. I intend to get a little different shot later this month, which I shall post [here] when I do.

I leave these for your consideration.

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2 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree! (part 1)

  1. The pic with the moon above the Christmas tree is very cool–sort of mysterious looking.

    • Thank you. A friend of mine at work actually pointed out the fact that they lined up last year. I like strange things like that. I intend on doing one with the crescent moon in a few weeks, too.

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