Lightning, Finally!

A few years ago I got the chance to photograph my very first lightning storm. Not my first time seeing one, of course, but the first time I had a camera capable of taking pictures of such an event. I was happy with the results, for a first try. My old camera didn’t have manual focus and the auto-focus didn’t particularly like focusing at night. So I ended up with a few cool pictures and several more that would have been cool if they had been anywhere close to focused.

Enter: New Camera! Since I got my new T2i back in June, I have been waiting for a good storm to come up at night so I could try my hand at lightning pictures again. Friday night was just such a night! The spot I picked was a little more lit up than it should have been and I learned a few other little things for next time, but all in all I’m pretty stoked that I got to go out lightning shooting again!

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