USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 2

Today Montrose, Colorado was the proud host to the start of Stage 2 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. It was a gorgeous day and the crowds were all in the race spirit. I got a chance to wander around the event grounds prior to the start of the race. The team rigs and cars were all fairly impressive and there was food and water being loaded up by the case.

I headed over to my first race-shooting location well before they started any road closures. I got to hang out with a lovely group of spectators and fellow photographers while we were waiting for the parade lap to begin. It was a lot of fun and I even met another local photographer that I might get a chance to go out and shoot some nature photos with sometime.

I did manage to make it out to the main highway before the race blew through, so I got more race pictures anyhow, just not exactly the ones I was going for. Unfortunately I didn’t get all my facts as straight as I should have and I missed my chance to get out to my planned second location. (My plan B should have been my plan A) Next time I’ll be all the wiser and plan it so that I’m absolutely at the spot that I want to be Before they start shutting down any roads. (And I’ll be shooting the race portion with a much higher f/Stop and much lower shutter speed so as not to have such frozen pictures, But that’s just the technical stuff)

You shoot, you learn.

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