Soon there will be action!

Action pictures, that is! I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t been posting as often as I would like. I’ve also been a bad photographer and have not been shooting as much as I would like, especially action photos, which are the field that I really want to pursue. Well, in the next two weeks there will be no less than two action events that I will be going to and photographing.

Tuesday, August 21, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge  will be coming here to beautiful Montrose, Colorado to start leg number two of the race series. 16 of the top cycling teams in the world will be racing nearly 100 miles to Crested Butte. I have my spots all picked out and, with some very careful planning on my part, I will get to be there for a portion of the ‘parade lap’ that they are running just prior to the start of the race AND another portion of the race that runs through a spectacularly scenic stretch of road. I’m Excited!

The other ‘big event’ is our annual dirtbikers’ camping extravaganza on Labor Day weekend. There will be lots and lots of dirtbiking and other miscellaneous activities over the weekend and I actually managed to get Labor Day off this year, so I will be there to witness more of it than I have gotten to in a few years.

So be on the lookout for more fun and exciting SuzyTBo pictures flooding your reader feed (because you’re following already, right?!?)

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