Dabbling in Tilt-Shift

I’ve been seeing the cool looking tilt-shift pictures all over the internet in the past few months since I first found out what it is. I’m sure pretty much everyone has seen the nifty miniature-style pictures made from real photographs. I got on a Gimp-exploring tangent (the open-source photo editing program) tonight and found a couple of pictures that I thought might look cool as tilt-shift images – So I dabbled. The results were pretty cool, I think. The entire process took me about 10 minutes between the two pictures, so I won’t be offended at any criticism.


Do you like tilt-shift? Do you like MY tilt-shift pictures?

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6 thoughts on “Dabbling in Tilt-Shift

  1. Very nice tilt shift photos!

    • Thank you! I intend to do more of them when I get motivated again. I really like the unique look that you can get with this type of editing. It’s quite fun!

  2. I think the boat one is nice, though the blurring is abrupt towards the bottom. Keep practicing.

    Oh, BTW, I didn’t know you were so into photography… awesome!

    Remember me from DB? x’D

    • Hey! It’s been a long time! Of course I remember.
      I realized that the blurring got pretty abrupt – I intended to do it in increments like I did at the top, but I got lazy and forgot. haha
      I’ve always been pretty into photography, but in the past couple years I’ve been concentrating on trying to actually make a career out of it.

  3. Dabble on! I haven’t tried it yet , but one of these days…

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